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After 30 some odd years working in opera, dance, stage, film, music theatre, and cabarets all across the US, she’s ready to pack all of that creative prowess into a tiny padded cave with just her and a mic for her next adventure in the world of voiceover.

March 9, 2023

I’m so excited! All of the work of the past three years is paying off in 2023! I’ve already landed two new clients, another agent and an on camera gig and this was just in January. Also got a callback from a top tier casting director but waiting on any word from him. If you are asking breathlessly or even enviously what my secret is, it’s an attitude shift, I think. Along with keeping up my practicing, auditioning and making contacts, I approach marketing now from a new angle.

I heard the phrase from somebody, that “Almost nobody remembers what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” I don’t know if this works for you but my new attitude is one of gratitude! I’ve found in the VO world people who can help you are very friendly but also very busy. Find a way to make them laugh and that you care about them. Let them know you appreciate them while not wasting their time. Guaranteed they’ll remember you when you need them and be glad to help. Especially if you’re also making them realize you can help them and that it would be fun working with you.

Instead of a formal, “cold call,” I pretend we’re already acquainted and I’m dropping by or in to say hello and catch up via email, message, Linked In. I’m not selling anything! Just appreciating their work and giving me a few minutes of their time. Of course, its also more personal so I try to find common points of interest before I make my intro.

Getting to the top tier agents and on their radar? Believe me I used to get so frustrated that they wouldn’t even acknowledge me. Sadly, it takes a referral from someone they know and trust and have worked with before to get any response. I’ve learned that they have staff that listen to all submissions and pull the ones they think their boss should hear. The rest are deleted. Tough fact but understandable. I am also stunned by how many of us VOs are out there! How is it even possible for an agent or casting director to listen to all of us?

But like I said, the fruits of 2023 are the result of all the struggles, stubbornness and relentless pursuit of a goal over the past three years. At the time it often seemed like fruitless and wasted energy. Now, seeing all these juicy fruits of my labor landing in my computer can actually be scary exciting! The windfall inspires me to work even harder and also help others attain their goals too. Pay it forward is a great habit to have!

My mindset now is that every rejection can be a blessing in disguise. Those top tier agents who deleted me still don’t know a thing about me so when I go back to them as an even better VO, they WILL be interested. The first time just wasn’t the right time and I was spared embarrassment! Same for the P2Ps I don’t land. So I say “thank you!” with sincere gratitude and know a job with my name on it is on its way! Corny, I know! But, hey…

Very few people see the world and their lives as one of abundance. That word is hardly ever used! Blessings you receive or wish for someone else is the same as offering spiritual abundance. Blessings are never in short supply, but sometimes we don’t recognize them. Abundance is just one intention away!

I believe there is enough of everything for everyone! Love, talent, financial success, family, friends, good health and VO gigs! This belief relieves me of fear and that horrible feeling of envy and uncessesary stress. I find I want to share and be of benefit to others if I can. My marketing “tactics” no longer mean “selling.” It is a tactic of service.

And that’s my secret! March on this year with gratitude, grace and a mindset that whatever you dream of can be yours!

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