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After 30 some odd years working in opera, dance, stage, film, music theatre, and cabarets all across the US, she’s ready to pack all of that creative prowess into a tiny padded cave with just her and a mic for her next adventure in the world of voiceover.

November 9, 2023

When it all comes true, just the way you planned, it’s a quiet thing.  These are the lyrics to a song I heard long ago and it IS true!  When a dream finally comes to fruition, you’d think its time to plan the biggest, loudest celebration, you’d gab and brag to everyone you’ve ever just said hello to and lead a parade up and down your drive way.

Instead, I find I need to quietly savor the amazing reality of my voice over dreams.

I’m overcome with a sense of awe.  Looking back over the past few years, I believe I’ve worked harder than I ever have since I retired from live theatre and musical productions.

Not to say I no longer need continued study or can pause my marketing efforts.  But, I can say, “I made it!” into the professional VO community.

It still doesn’t feel quite real.  But as anyone who is passionate about a vision knows, this is a powerful accomplishment!  And personal validation of what is possible!  I’m not looking for praise or congratulations, although if offered I will accept with gratitude, but I am also realizing my personal strengths are so much more than I ever ever realized.  That’s powerful stuff indeed.

Constantly coaxing, bribing, or forcing yourself out of your comfort zone is nerve racking, frustrating, fatiguing, depressing, meltdown inducing, etc,  I’ve been a stressed out nervous wreck more times than I like to remember.

Small and large successes I’ve discovered come with a whole different kind of stress!  I’ve become acutely aware of what I still don’t know.  However, there’s just no way to learn except just doing the gig,  Dive in and swim for your life!  So far, that’s what I’m doing.  Never let the client hear you sweat, right?

My most recent success is to have landed a prominent agent out of LA.  This was really impactful.  I no longer spend as much time on the Pay to Play sites.  But I bless these sites because they are fabulous training and practice tools.

Another highlight of success is my new roommate.  He’s a dark smoky colored kitten I’ve named My-Kitty, Mikey for short.  He’s always happy to hit the computer with me and pounce on the cursor when it pops up on the screen.  He plays in his litter box like it’s a wading pool.  (I do keep it spic and span for that reason!). My right hand is ravaged by little kitten claws but playing together is worth it right now.  We bond with lots of cuddles!

Today, as I said, is a quiet thing. Gratitude for my achievements and for all those who have supported me in getting there fills my heart and soul.  If you are reading my blogs, I thank you for sharing these moments with me.  New opportunities are out there, not just for me but for all of us for the taking.  My next plan is being open to passing it forward and perhaps help up and coming talented VO’s however I can.

My-Kitty reminds me it can’t always be about work. I absolutely LOVE my new career!  It is why I can work non stop till I collapse sometimes. Behind the mic is my happy place! But I probably do need to take time off. And yet, what if this momentum I worked so hard for stops?  I have this plaque in my kitchen that says, “Don’t just sit there!  Worry!”   If anyone knows of any workaholics anonymous groups, I might be ready for a few meetings!  But lets keep that a quiet thing!

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