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We Made It! But Don’t Just Sit There – Worry!


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The Blog of Lee Coleé

After 30 some odd years working in opera, dance, stage, film, music theatre, and cabarets all across the US, she’s ready to pack all of that creative prowess into a tiny padded cave with just her and a mic for her next adventure in the world of voiceover.

January 9, 2023

Now that 2022 is in the rear view mirror we can now recover from the holidays but also sigh with relief that we made it through an extraordinary challenging year! I don’t know about you, but the anxiety released with that deep sigh usually circles back to me with a vengeance. See, I am a proud worrier, which makes me a chronic warrior. Maybe I have that backward but I stress out when there IS NO STRESS, to stress out about. And that is definitely stressful. When stressful things show up, I’m ready to take them all on!

My life has probably been one long continuous anxiety attack since birth. But always looking for the positive in every situation, relentless anxiety has made me into a loyal, dependable, over prepared and hyper productive performer. Being late? Never! Overweight? Nope! Because it takes a lot of calories to maintain solid muscle tension. Decision making? A snap because being in limbo is unbearable. Consistency? You got it because always knowing what to expect is comforting. Boring? Not at all. Because consistency brings on stress since nothing new is happening. Gotta stir the pot!

I’m also painfully honest because anxiety and increased heart rates go through the roof if I lie or even fudge it a bit. This can be a curse and a blessing.

But it’s funny that I don’t stress too much wondering if people like me or even love me. In VO, I’ve now done over a thousand auditions (ok, maybe that could be an “embellishment,” but not a lie), and I don’t angst about them. I’m driven to accomplish things for the pride in great work, respect from my peers and not to let anyone down. Not keeping a promise or coming through on a commitment is terrifying and would be so humiliating! I don’t even care anymore why I’m the way I am.

Don’t get me wrong, I know how to have fun! I can do things totally sober that most everyone else has to get smashed to even be willing to try. See, I’m being very truthful! Contact me via email if you want details.

So, as we start the new year, I don’t plan on a single resolution. Wait! That is a lie. I resolve to fight any new wrinkles on my face with the most expensive moisturizer I can find. Anxiety will not be detected between
my brows!

Happy New Year! Just remember, you too can be loyal, dependable, skinny, productive and always on time if you just remind yourself, DON’T JUST SIT THERE – WORRY!

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